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    Gamepad Bluetooth I-rock G01
    865.000 865.000
    i-rocks Gamepad Bluetooth I-rock G01

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    Gamepad Bluetooth I-rock G01
    865.000 865.000 [Đã bao gồm VAT]
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    Gamepad bluetooth I-Rock G01 hỗ trợ các máy điện thoại hệ điều hành iOS ( iphone/ipad) , Android ( Samsung, lenovo,....) và máy tính PC

    - có thể kéo dài tay cầm để phù hợp với nhiều loại máy to nhỏ khác nhau
    - Có đây đủ nút bấm như joystick / analog / R1R2.....
    - vừa tay cầm


    Interface : Bluetooth 3.0
    Closed : 125x72x30 ( 27) mm
    Fully extended : 262x72x30(27)
    Dock Size for Smartphone:
    Fully extended width : 148 mm (5.82 inches)
    Thickness : Max. 14 mm ( 0.55 inches)
    Transmission range : 7~10 meters (23 to 32.8 feet)
    Power Source :
    200ma Li-ion Polymer Battery
    ( Rechargeable with USB DC 5V )
    Battery life:
    Operation: 20 hrs of playing
    Stand-by : about 50 hrs
    Programmable buttons: 10 Keys
    Programmable D-Pad: 1 set
    Analog Sticks: 2 sets (Left and Right)
    System Requirement

    iOS (iPhone/iPad) , Android 4.0 or higher (Smart phone & Tablet ).
    Microsoft Windows system.
    Games for iOS on iPad/iPhone need to support iCad.
    Android is an open platform, some games may cause compatibility problems.
    Media Tek (MTK) smartphone chips currently do not support gamepads, Please make sure the issue in advance.

    Package Content

    Gamepad x 1
    User Manual x 1
    USB Charging Cable x 1
    Please note before purchasing :

    The G01 Gamepad connects through Bluetooth. Please make sure your mobile device has Bluetooth function.
    Please make sure that the games support Joystick or Gamepad. The G01 Gamepad is not compatible to every game.
    Due to the limitations and restrictions of iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), the G01 Gamepad is only compatible to games that support iCade.
    Most MediaTek (MTK) smartphone chips do not support gamepads. If your smartphone uses MediaTek chips, we do not suggest buying the gamepad.
    There is a limit to the size of smartphones that the G01 Gamepad can hold. Please make sure your phone is within the measurement range.
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